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What a World Class Consultancy looks like

  • They employ credible and responsible business professionals with the credentials and IP to form partnerships & align themselves with their Clients

  • They add to the strategic objectives and success of their business partners and Clients

  • They reference themselves as Consultants who are change agents and are able to listen, coach, guide and influence their Clients and form long term relationships

  • They provide a Value-Add service. They do not chase monetary targets with exorbitant placement fees

  • They find their reward in the value they add, the difference they make and not the placement fee

  • Their consultants are professional, mature and experienced and are able to consult, coach, influence and advise candidates on their careers and career choices

  • They fully understand the business culture of their Clients

  • They maintain the Human connection. All candidates are interviewed and assessed against the key criteria and culture fit supported by a professional report

  • They act as the Brand Ambassadors for both Clients and Candidates

  • They have a work ethic that is transparent and highly respected and regarded by their Clients and Candidates and their Peers in the industry


Why the talent acquisition process is vital... 

The interviewing and selection process is probably the most important strategic intervention a business professional has to make and yet it is the process that gets the least priority. This is where it all starts. Time spent on acquiring the best talent for your business will result in achieving your strategic objectives. Time spent on coaching poor performance is far more costly and time consuming than taking and making the time for spotting and employing the proper talent during the acquisition process.


What is Culture and Why is it so important!

Culture is where humans gather. It is what makes you unique and different. An independent organism that formed with shared beliefs around the rules of survival and emotional prosperity.

A culture exists to protect itself. The commitment of your culture is worth more than it’s financial, intellectual and physical commitment combined. You can take comfort from knowing that a culture is the utmost rational organism, an objective and open belief system who wants to believe and be inspired.


Each business culture is different and hence why it is so critical that the talent acquisition process knows, recognizes and understands it to ensure the correct culture fit and emotional connection with your business.


It is this culture fit that will determine the ultimate success of your new talent and your business and ensure the emotional connection with your business.

The 5 most common questions asked during the interview!

  • How would your best friend describe you in a few words. How would they capture your very essence?

  • Based on your above comments what would you consider your strengths to be job related and personality wise?

  • No one likes talking to their weaknesses but we all have them. I like to reference them as areas for improvement and development. What would you like to improve on?

  • What is it that inspires and drives you?

  • Why should any prospective business employ you. What value do you think you would bring to the business?

The 5 most common errors candidates make!
  • Desperation. Applying for positions randomly even if unsuitable and with inappropriate qualifications and experience

  • Poor Branding. Improper, unprofessional photo on CV that is not current

  • Poor sales and marketing pitch. Poor layout and presentation of CV

  • Not reading the advertisement and understanding the job requirements before applying

  • Applying for positions and not making yourself available for the interview

The 5 most common errors Clients make!
  • Poor commitment to the recruitment/talent acquisition process. Not seen as a priority with no sense of urgency

  • Poor job descriptions that only talk to knowledge, skill and experience with poor briefing to the consultant. The job profile must talk to Brand and Culture fit. It is about the emotional connection with your Brand that will ultimately determine success

  • The decision to see or not to see talent is often made by referencing the CV only. This results in missing out on the best talent. All shortlisted candidates must be interviewed to make an informed decision on the intellectual property the candidate has to offer. This relies on whether the consultant has done their work properly

  • Only considering budget and salary often blurs the decision to employ the best talent

  • Delay in making an informed selection decision and making an offer

5 Most common errors
Agencies & Consultants make
  • Charging expensive placement fees that are not value based and giving the industry a bad name turning it into a grudge payment for the client

  • Target and turnover based industry chasing  numbers and placement fees and not a service based and value add industry

  • Inexperienced consultants with no previous business experience who are not properly trained and do not have the emotionaI intelligence to coach, guide and influence candidates on their careers. This business is about career counselling and advice and not just about making a placement

  • Filling a job and ticking the box

  • Shortlisted candidates that are sent for interviews to the client without having been interviewed

How to prepare yourself for the interview!

You only have 1 chance at making an impression.

“Yesterday is not yours to recover but tomorrow is yours to win”

  • “Dress for Success”. You are a professional and a brand. Dress to what suits your body type, personality and own sense of style. You must be comfortable in your skin

  • Body language and poise, how you present and introduce yourself. There has to be a sense of  confidence about you

  • Social Media branding. Most companies will access your social media platform to see what you are posting. You are what you post, be cautious it can cost you your dream job

  • Your body will produce cortisol, the fight or flight adrenaline you need for success but just enough to keep you on the edge, not to be anxious and nervous

  • Sell yourself. During the interview you are doing a sales pitch and you want to be bought. The use of your voice and animation during the interview is vital. There has to be a sense of enthusiasm and passion in your voice.

  • Own the interview. Tell your story with passion and authenticity

  • Do your research on the company. Google them and get a feeling for what they are about in order for you to pitch yourself accordingly

Your CV  “Your Life’s Story”

This is your profound story and it has to be told with interest and passion, and it has to be gripping and no one can tell it like you but you need to know how to tell it so that your story reads with interest. This template is for you to reference to tell your story with authenticity.