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the team that makes the

dream work at house of work


we define ourselves...

  • We make people our business. It is all about people for people

  • We are solutions driven

  • We see opportunity where most do not

  • We are talent spotters more commonly known as the “The 3rd Eye”. We have a palette for talent. We are connoisseurs

  • Our ground is sacred, where it is safe to be yourself and tell your story

  • We unpack the truth and present it professionally

  • We are a small boutique consultancy but we have a big heart and deliver big work

  • We pay attention to detail

  • We are controversial at times, as we believe in making a difference and adding value

  • We talk to culture

  • We talk your walk. We are Mavericks


is in it

for all...

  • We give hope and meaning to people’s dreams and ambitions

  • We influence and change people’s lives

  • We create magic

  • We tell your story

  • We uplift the human spirit

  • We provide purpose and meaning

  • We find reward in adding value and making a difference

  • The return on human capital investment.

Let us introduce ourselves. Owner Alrica Edwards heads up the team. Supported by business professionals who believe in Humanity and the difference they can make and the value they can add to both clients and candidates. This is where they find their reward and excellence.


They say size matters but in this case it is exactly the reverse. It is about the intellectual and emotional capabilities coupled with tenacity and resilience that ultimately matters and achieves results. We are resourceful and able to dig deep. No job is too small or too big for us.


Our premium agency is what makes us unique and different and enables us to partner with our clients and candidates in a very special way that sets us apart from the rest. This is what our clients have come to love about us. We are all about Service and a Value-add


We are proud to call ourselves Recruitment Solutions aka House of Work